Are You Really Trying To Sell Me Before Adding The Value ???

I get emails and phone calls all the time from people trying to sell me…stuff. Now these are not spam emails or phone calls (most of the time) these are from marketers and companies where I have initially shown some interest in what they have to offer.

With that being said over the last couple of weeks I have been receiving emails from two separate marketers/business owners with a very different approach that I would like to share.

Marketer/Business Owner 1: This person has been pitching non stop from the very first email. He has sent me to his “buy now” page at each and every opportunity to get me to purchase his offer with nothing more than a brief explanation of what I can get for my money. There has been no “social proof” of his offer working for me, no testimonials and no added value by me taking action now as opposed to later.

Marketer/Business Owner 2: This individual has taken a completely different approach. He has provided pre-offer content by way of video training and a webinar. He has included “social proof” of his product working by way of testimonials and more. He offered a range of payment models to suit different customers and could prove ROI with a money back guarantee. Effectively he has “pre-sold” me before I even know the price because I can see the value of his offer.

Now here is the kicker…Marketer 1 and 2 were offering very similar products ( a coaching program) The curriculum was almost identical and on the surface there wasnt alot of difference between the two programs, but…

Marketer/Business Owner 1 Price: $497.00

Marketer/Business Owner 2 Price: $2000.00

The second offer was 4 times as much as the first but because he added value at the beginning, paid attention to my needs and solved problems before proposing a price/solution, I was hooked. I could also see myself gaining value from the product marketer 2 was offering and knew that if I didnt I had a money back guarantee.

Marketer 2 offered alot of value in advance for free with no guarantee on return been sold on what he was ofor him, but by the end of the pre sales sequence I and many others would have seen the value he was offering. He also felt confident in the value provided so he did not need to compete on price, as opposed to the ROI a buyer would receive. When you position your products this way, price becomes secondary.

So as I am sure you have guessed, I opted to buy product 2. ( Ill let you know how it goes)

Here are some tips on how you can add value to your potential customers so you can charge whatever you like.

  • Provide pre-sale content via consulting, training and webinars
  • Provide value by going both wide and deep with your customer needs analysis
  • Add value by using social proof and testimonials
  • Make your pricing model ROI based for your customer by adding guarantees and after sale support
  • Make your offering unique (and stand out from the crowd) by utilizing personas within your marketing efforts
  • Use an appropriate sales funnel to ensure you capture leads to be able to continue to follow up with potential new customers with the focus on “value first”

All the best


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