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Why Todays Sales Superstars Close More Deals By Selling Like An Entrepreneur

You might be selling for a blue-chip ASX listed company (like I once did), a shiny new startup (I’ve done that too), or somewhere in between… Regardless of what you sell, to succeed in winning new business, you need to incorporate entrepreneurial selling approaches into your existing sales toolkit. What do I mean by that? […]

The Modern Buyer’s Journey

What is the difference between the old and modern buyer’s journey? The past two decades have seen an explosive change in the modern buyer’s journey. Before most people started using the Internet, customers interacted with brands largely on the company’s terms. Consumers had to wait for businesses to reach out to them with information about the […]

38 Social Selling Stats That Will Help You Close Deals Faster

If you are still on the fence about whether social selling is right for you in your business, take a look at these statistics courtesy of zoominfo. The State of Social Selling 93% of sales executives have not received any formal training on social selling 80% believe their salesforce would be more productive with greater […]

How To Reduce Customer Effort In The Sales Process

Have you ever looked at the hundreds of titles on Netflix and said to yourself, there’s nothing on.🤔 Sometimes too much choice instills paralysis in decision making. The same can be said when dealing with our customers and prospects. According to CEB most supplier sales reps wrongly believe that satisfying customers’ every request for information […]