How To Reduce Customer Effort In The Sales Process

Have you ever looked at the hundreds of titles on Netflix and said to yourself, there’s nothing on.🤔

Sometimes too much choice instills paralysis in decision making. The same can be said when dealing with our customers and prospects. According to CEB most supplier sales reps wrongly believe that satisfying customers’ every request for information and support makes buying easier.

86% of sales professionals agree that “helping the customer consider all possible options and alternatives is important.”

79% agree with the statement “I remain very flexible to customer needs and opinions throughout a sale, even when I don’t necessarily agree with their direction.”

68% agree that “more information generally helps customers make better decisions.”

In fact this “responsive” sales approach has the opposite effect, decreasing the likeliness of purchase ease and increasing the likeliness of purchase regret.

Remember, “Honest conflict has more commercial value than dishonest harmony to our customers”

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