Why You Should Consider Contact Centre Outsourcing

Entry Into New Markets

If you have ever heard the phrase, enter the market with the minimum viable product you can understand that in today’s fast moving economy, it is important to be able to enter a new market with increased speed and reduced risk of failure.

Each new market entry requires a great deal of coordination on several fronts, from legal set-up and administrative task, searching for new offices, preparing the IT and telecom infrastructure, to finding the right people for the team.  While doing all of the above and more, your customers are providing their first impressions of your product/service and most likely not being shy to share their thoughts via a multitude of social media channels.

That being said for any business to enter any new market successfully it has to do so with the customer and their experience front of mind.

Outsourcing functions such as market research, in and outbound telemarketing and customer support at this stage helps organisations focus of efficient market entry by concentrating on their core business whilst specialist outsourcers keep their eyes firmly on your customers and their perceptions.


Pilot Campaigns

Regardless of the business or industry you are in, it is unlikely that new products or services are launched every day. New products and services are usually the result of months of preparation and research. Even the most successful organisations sometimes get it wrong as result of unclear customer needs or unexpected moves from competition. There are also the challenges for companies to focus just as heavily, if not more so on “business as usual” activities. Resources can be fully stretched for even the most mature companies at this point serving existing business so supporting new product launches, can easily create the need for additional resources.

Partnering with the right outsourced company means resources can be made available that can assist in new product launches or campaigns, providing early customer feedback to the product design process.


Managing Specific Functions

Many organisations now understand the benefits of outsourcing specific functions (and not all offshore), such as admin, telemarketing, telesales, customer service technical support and more. The main reason for this is to either benefit from third party’s economies of scale or economies of scope (telesales). A number of businesses both big and small also understand that with the right outsource partner the cost effectiveness of these functions, as well as the expertise your partner can provide will help many organisations improve their internal efficiency by focusing on their core area of expertise.


Operational & Efficiency Improvements

Senior management in large organisations, can sometimes be somewhat removed or detached from day to day operations within their business. All business’ need to know how their organisation performs in comparison to the rest of the market or best practice. Sometimes these results can highlight a number of operational inefficiencies such as under or overstaffing, poor quality customer experience, lack of expertise or SME’s within certain customer centric functions, staff profiling, lack of appropriate IT infrastructure and many other areas of improvement.

Again, an organisation with the right outsource partner can see major improvements in your organisation’s operational and cost efficiencies.


Worldwide Support & Timezones

Have you noticed the world is getting smaller ? In today’s global economy, many markets have customers that may need to be serviced worldwide and that comes with its own set of unique challenges. An organisation may have 80% of their customers in Australia as an example, and the remaining 20% in the UK or Asia. These customers might be small in size for these organisations now but they may be looking to grow share in these markets and it may not be feasible to provide same level of customer support for each of them right now.

If your organisation partners with an outsourcer who understands these challenges and has the operational experience and capability, your company could greatly benefit by utilizing offshore facilities to extend your customer service hours and converse with potential customers in their native tongue

A multi-lingual contact centre can provide shared resources that can optimally serve the irregular demand for support from various language groups and timezones that can be cost effective.


Overflow & Seasonality

Extra busy at Christmas ? Is end of financial year going to bend or break your team ? This is another area where partnering with a third party brings significant benefits. In order to be able to deal with significant increases in capacity needed to meet surging demands, organisations need to be able to provide an increase in telephony capacity, additional workstations, provide trained staff, all in a very short period of time.

Lets be honest, your business can provide exceptional customer service for the majority of the year but its when your teams are stretched to breaking point via a new product launch, seasonal increases in work volumes etc that your customers will really tell you how you are performing. They will also let the rest of the world know if things dont go well. By partnering with the right outsource company you have the ability to plan ahead and let them take on the additional workload during this time in a cost effective fashion

The Wrap Up

As you can see there are a number of reasons why your company may want to partner with an outsource company. The key though is it needs to be a company you can truly partner with to gain maximum benefits for your business.

I genuinely believe that there are a number of benefits to outsourcing some or all of your business functions. I have worked within the contact centre / outsourcing industry for a number of years and I have see first hand the benefits that the right partner can bring to the table for business.

If you would like to discuss how I can assist your business make significant cost savings and enhance your customers experience with the right outsource partner feel free to get in touch with me.

Best Wishes

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